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Transition into Higher Education

How to Draft a Career-Change Resume

Read how to translate your soft skills and other proficiencies to the higher education field.

Curriculum Vitae or Resume: What are the Differences?

Which format is right for the job you are seeking: resume or curriculum vitae?

Can your resume pass the 10-Second Test?

Did you know employers decide in under ten seconds whether to put a resume in the dismiss or save file? Make sure your resume passes this 10-second test.

Voices from the Field

“Make sure those titles are accurate, but also exemplify the work that you did. Some professionals have imposter syndrome and they really don't go into detail about things that they accomplished.”

- Stephanie McGrew, Assistant Director for the Department for Diversity & Inclusion, A.T. Still University of Health Services

“When I go to job fairs or do a career counseling session, I’ll ask you point blank, “Are you using the same exact resume for every position you apply to?” Typically the answer is yes. The job seeker is going to struggle when they do that. Job seekers need to tailor the resume to each position they’re going to apply to, specifically addressing those qualifications.”

- Adam Potter, Senior HR Specialist, University of Iowa

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How to Apply for Higher Education Careers
(Revised Edition)

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